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Bank Note Counter for Euros , GBP & USD with Countefeit Detection


Countermatic 200 III+ Triple Counterfeit detection included as standard UV-IR-MG - Back Loading

Detects: Magnetic Ink, infrared and Ultraviolet
Size Detection: Yes
Speed:1000 notes / minute
Hopper Capacity: 200 notes
Back Loading Machine
387,20 €
(21,00% VAT Included)

The Robust note counter is both reliable and durable, and provides an economical alternative to hand counting. Count Euros, British Pound and USD.

The software doesn't need to be update to count the future new euro notes. 

The Countermatic 200 range of Bank note Counter are ideally suited for use in Retail and Banking applications.

A combination of rugged construction and latest technology in counterfeit detection make the Countermatic 200 III+  the ideal processing tool. Detect Euro , British Pound and USD counterfeit  notes.

Main Features:

Technical specifications:

The box contains:
  • Banknote counter Counter 200 III+
  • Manual Instructions in English and Spanish
  • Protector cover and cleaning set
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