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Detector counterfeit detector: Ultraviolet and white light


Counterfeit Detector with ultraviolet, white light and magnetic head

Detects: Notes, credit cards, ID cards, passports,...
Alarms: Optic and acoustic
Available: In Stock

Main Features:

Check for counterfeit bills using ultraviolet, watermark, magnetic ink.

Compact and portable
Powerful ultraviolet light
Magnetic detection through magnetic head
Fluorescent light for watermark verification

It can check all currencies security features
Two years warranty

 Technical Specifications:
UV lamp: 18W
White light:4 W
Size: 210x125x148 mm
Net Weight: 1.3 Kg
Power source: 110V or 220V, AC50/60Hz
Easy to replace the light tubes

Great for banks, nightclubs, restaurants, and anywhere cash transactions take place.


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