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There are some points to be considered before buying a counterfeit detector even if the price is an important factor to keep in mind. The main points that can help you choose the right product are as follows: - Quality:The device needs to be reliable for detection as well as in good working ...
The Bank of Canada`s campaign to reduce the number of counterfeits is paing off, according to its 2009 Annual Report. The numbers have fallen for the fifth year in a row and, from a high of 470 counterfeits per million notes in circulation in 2004, stood at just 45 last year-less than half ...
On 17 May 2010, the Bank of Uganda began circulating a new family of bank notes with the first major design chance in over 20 years. Thia is particularly significant in that, for the first time in the country`s history a new family of bank notes has been issued for reasons other than ...
The Central Bank of Bahamas has brought out a new version of the $10 in which the portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II is replaced by that of Sir Stafford Sands, former finance minister and leading architect of the Bahamian economy. The version it replaces was the first in the country`s CRISP ...
Now that the issue of the current US dollar series is all but complete, attention is beginning to focus on next generation of US currency which, following a court ruling in 2008, must include features that make it more accesible to the visually-impaired and blind. After extensive research ...
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