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11 milions of fake Euros in Colombia

11 milions of fake Euros in Colombia
Agents of the National Police have dismantled, in Bogotá (Colombia), the largest clandestine printing company mainly intended to counterfeit euros and US dollars, although they also made the national currency of the Colombian country.

In this operation has also seized the largest amount of false euros made so far. In total, 11,257,400 euros false in 500 and 200 notes, made with sophisticated computer media.

The operation, called "Chévere", has been carried out by agents of the BANCO DE ESPAÑA RESEARCH BRIGADE (BIBE), attached to the General Commissioner of the Judicial Police, together with the Colombian National Police and Europol.

The modus operandi used by the dismantled organization breaks with the usual techniques used so far in Colombia. On this occasion, the printing company falsified tickets with more face value, 500 and 200 euros mainly, using laser printing programmed by sophisticated computer media and taking advantage of the facilities provided by the latest technological advances.

This new modality located in Colombia is the most commonly used in countries of the European Union, as well as in the United States. All this has allowed them to reach high standards in the quality of the prints.

In the operation, the main link of the organization was stopped in Bogotá, which received the orders for the tickets to be made and then dealt with the distribution.

An operation in which not only has seized the largest number of false euros made so far, but also has been able to locate and dismantle the clandestine laboratory plant where they performed all the tasks of counterfeiting currency.

The printing press had great technological means of printing and an important computer support, such as a high resolution printer, card holder, industrial guillotine and frames for "Screen". Among the elements intervened, CDs have been found where the images of the fake 200 and 500 euro banknotes, necessary for digital printing, were kept.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the professionalism of the counterfeiter who had soundproofed the workshop where the machinery for counterfeiting was located.

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