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5 tips for collect and give back money on the cash furtniture

5 tips for collect and give back money on the cash furtniture

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One of the most important parts of a local is TPV. If we have a complete TPV, we will do economical transactions great and we won't create large queues of people. 
So the first step is buy the appropriate periphericals for our business.

  • Cash furtniture is an essential part for our TPV. If we have got a big one, it will be easier avoid queues and we will have more espace.
  • For complement our cash furtniture, we will have to buy a drawer coin purs. With this drawer we will have our money safer because we will be able to anchor it on the furtniture cash and if we want, we will be able to close it with a key.
  • Another important tip for have our money safer is having a counterfeit detector. Models like NewChicago are useful tools because their fast for checking if a banknote is false or not.
  • Finally, ergonomical stands. This solution allows to have so many periphericals on our TPV and wasting a little bit of space. 

These are some tips for TPV that Countermatic can offer you and will allow you to have your best version of your working space.


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