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Agosto 2011. Noticias sobre billetes falsos

Agosto 2011. Noticias sobre billetes falsos
The police investigate the distribution of fake banknotes in the Rías Baixas

Two groups that operated in commercial and leisure areas have been dismantled in the last month and a half

The National Police and the Civil Guard have spent weeks investigating the traffic of fake bills in different areas of the Rias Baixas taking advantage of the tourist pull. In the last month and a half, a strong increase in the distribution of units of 50 and 20 euros has been detected.

The security forces have managed to dismantle two groups that operated in commercial and leisure areas of Vigo, Portonovo and Sanxenxo, distributing copies of the originals of a "moderately acceptable" quality. This means that, within a scale of perfection, these imitations would obtain a remarkable high. "They are better than other fakes that have been detected on previous occasions and are more easily identifiable," police sources say.

The investigations of the Civil Guard and the National Police are aimed at arresting the manufacturers of paper money that has been put into circulation, since the people who have been arrested are considered as distributors on commission who receive an important retribution for being in charge of retailing in the distribution of notes for entertainment and com

The influx of tourists in the summer months explains the increase in counterfeit notes in circulation, whose origin is investigated. In this regard, one of the hypotheses is that the manufacturers are of Portuguese origin. Some criminals from the neighboring country are true experts in the use of state-of-the-art technological equipment to print imitations of paper money.

"To introduce the tickets in the market tend to take advantage of the bars that are now bursting in the summer," the same police sources explained yesterday. This procedure consists of two or three people going through pubs and discos and making drinks that they usually pay with 50 euros bills. "In one night you can visit fifteen stores, which has put a lot of fake money into circulation. Sometimes they do not even get to drink because they could not keep that rhythm of alcohol consumption to do their job, "they say.
To do this, the list provided a wad of 50 euro bills and, while the victim was keeping company with the fool, approached a lottery administration to take note of the raffle prizes and then show them to the victim, who could then check that the tenth that the fool showed him was effectively awarded with the indicated amount.

In palmanova
They arrest five young people who were trying to pay with false bills


   The Civil Guard has arrested five British young people between 23 and 33 years as alleged perpetrators of a crime of counterfeiting, having tried to pay with fake bills in different locations in Palmanova.

   As reported in a statement by the General Directorate of Police and Civil Guard, the arrested are Aaron Marley M., 25 years old; Daniel Lee K., 33; Martin Lee C., 26; Edward Christopher M., 24 years old; and Lisa Marie R., 23.

   On the other hand, for the crime of robbery Jose D.S., 24, was arrested at the Pont d'Inca, as alleged perpetrator of a robbery with force inside an industrial building.

   In addition, in Sant Antoni (Ibiza), Maria Isabel R. C., 33, and Pedro B. C., 43, were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of burglary inside a home. In Inca, Gabriel M.S. and Freddy Geovanny C. M., both 25 years of age and the second of Ecuadorian origin, were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a robbery crime by escalation inside a scrapyard.

   For injuries Artà stopped Xavier JF, 20, and, in Sant Antoni, a man of British nationality, Daniel Anthony K., 23 years old, as alleged perpetrator of a crime of injury, having participated in a fight.

   Finally, the Civil Guard of Santa Margarita proceeded to the arrest of Patricio Marcelo M. M., 33 years old, as alleged perpetrator of a crime of mistreatment in the family.

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