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Authentic EURO notes

Authentic EURO notes
  • Authentic EURO notes
  • Authentic EURO notes
  • Authentic EURO notes
The denominations of lower value (€ 5, € 10 and € 20) are characterized by having a HOLOGRAPHIC BAND on the front and an IRIDISCENT BAND on the back.

The denominations of greater value (€ 50, € 100, € 200 and € 500) are characterized by having a HOLOGRAPHIC PATCH on the obverse and the number is CHANGING COLOR on the reverse.

All denominations have very high security elements but false banknotes are still circulating.

The common security elements in all denominations are the following:

Verifiable properties with ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT. :

Under ultraviolet light check that: the paper does not shine, the fibers embedded in the paper appear in red, blue and green; on the obverse, the EU flag glows green and the stars in orange, the ECB president's signature turns green and the big stars and small circles in the center of the bill shine; and on the back, the map, the bridge and the numerical value appear in yellow and green.

The WATER MARK is created by conferring different thicknesses on the paper, and can be seen by observing the bill against the light.

And the SECURITY THREAD is embedded in the paper of the ticket. When looking at the bill against the light, the thread appears as a dark band, in which the word EURO and the value of the bill in small print can be seen.

Check the TACTO authenticity of the ticket. The paper of the ticket is made of pure cotton fiber, which gives it a firm texture and with carteo (resistant and rough to the touch).

The intaglio printing or embossing used for the main image and for some parts of the front of the bill creates an effect perceptible to the touch.



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