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Avoiding notes stucks

Avoiding notes stucks
  • Avoiding notes stucks
  • Avoiding notes stucks
  • Avoiding notes stucks
 Do you need to count notes without suffering traffic jams?

On numerous occasions, companies call us asking for banknote counters, but they do not suffer from traffic jams when they count stacks of notes.

They always tell us the same, they bought a banknote counter that from the beginning got stuck. They have never known if they did not know how the counting machine worked or that they do not know how it works. The company where they bought the machine has disappeared or does not take over the repair or does not know what's wrong with the note counter.

To avoid this type of situation, it is important to take good advice before buying a banknote counter machine. In the first place, it is essential to choose the right company. We always advise a company in the sector, which understands note counting machines and has a good technical service.

A good banknote counter does not have to be very expensive, but those that are below 350 €, usually do not work well, are Chinese copies of Chinese manufacturers.

A good note counter should work counting notes between 5 and 6 years without giving any problem. As of this date, it is normal to have to do a set-up.

The counting machines that give good results are always those that have been on the market for some time. Those machines that count notes that do not last in the market have no quality, customers complain because they usually suffer from paper jams from the first moment of purchase. They are counters of notes that do not serve to count wads of notes, are not prepared for it. As much as they get to a technical service, they have no arrangement.

To make the right purchase it is also important to know how many notes are going to be counted daily or weekly, and if the notes are or will be in good condition. To be able to count notes in bad condition it is advisable to buy top-loading counters since they usually have the possibility of lowering the counting speed to a minimum of 800 minute notes. It also allows you to place the notes in a horizontal position, which always favors the correct count of the notes.

On the contrary, if the notes are in good condition, the rear loading counters are enough to count correctly and not suffer from traffic jams.

In countermatic we have several models of banknote counters, each of them suitable to cover different situations. We recommend contacting us to inquire before making a purchase.


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