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Banknotes counter's best brands.

Banknotes counter's best brands.

Value note counters differ from note counters in that a value note counters can count banknotes even if they are not of the same denomination, in other words note counters can only count and detect counterfeits of one denomination at a time. On the other hand, a value note counter counts and detects counterfeits without any problem, even if there are banknotes of different denominations, and then shows you the number of banknotes per denomination, the value per denomination and the total value of the banknotes.

The best value note counters machines in the market share a number of features, as an example we have used the machine, New Boston V/3D value note counter.

Both the value note counters and the note counters have the add function and the datch function. The add function consists of once is finished the wad counting, the value of these is accumulated and when proceeding to count a new notes wad it is added to the value of the previous wad. The datch function consists of automatically stopping the count when a certain number of notes have been taken.

When a false banknote is detected the machine stops counting and the last note is the one that the user will withdraw to continue with the count. The machine is upgradeable in case new software is needed.

The New Boston V/3D totaliser has 8 detection levels, that is, it is able to detect false banknotes in 8 different ways, the 8 detection levels are:

  • Ultraviolet light
  • Infrared light
  • Banknote color
  • Magnetic wire
  • Ink
  • Thickness
  • Banknote size
  • 3D

Another characteristic of the best brands in the market that can be exemplified with the New Boston V is that if a banknote is in bad condition or is not like a new one the machine detects it as true and it does not get stuck as it happens with worse quality machines that when processing a bad but valid banknote they count it as false or the machine gets stuck.

Another feature of the best brands on the market is the speed of these to count and detect banknotes, for example the New Boston V/3D is capable of counting and detecting false banknotes in three speeds:

  • 850 banknotes per minute.
  • 1200 banknotes per minute.
  • 1500 banknotes per minute.

Link to buy the New Boston V/3D:

New Boston V / 3D


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