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Best selling banknote counter New Boston V3D fake banknote detection with 3D

Best selling banknote counter New Boston V3D fake banknote detection with 3D
  • Best selling banknote counter New Boston V3D fake banknote detection with 3D
  • Best selling banknote counter New Boston V3D fake banknote detection with 3D
Countermatic's New Boston V3D Banknote Counter is our best-selling product. Thanks to the memory capacity, it allows you to record the security features of the new Euro banknotes. It has two ports, USB and SD, for updating software.for the event of the issuance of new euro notes. Therefore, our customers always have the latest software version to count, identify and authenticate any new banknotes  issued in the Euro Zone.

The New Boston V3D banknote counter allows counting all denominations of mixed euro banknotes, obtaining through its LCD screen, the total value and the breakdown into units by banknote denomination.

It has 7 advanced banknote false detection systems, to identify all counterfeit banknotes, including the best fakes. The detection systems IR, MG, MT, UV, note size and thickness, as well as a double 3D sensor.

Top loading counter, bills can be placed up to 300 horizontally, avoiding the tedious interruptions caused by jamming bills in poor condition. It is a model of accountant prepared to count the so-called bills in poor condition or denominated bills of the street.

It allows to lower the speed of counting to 800 minute notes to count those banknotes  that are defective. It offers the user the batch function  for the preparation of bundles as well as the add function allowing to accumulate the different counts when said function is activated.

Using the USB, RJ11 or RS232 port, you can transfer the counting data to a  thermal printer or even to a computer.

The counter is very intuitive to activate and deactivate all its functions.

Offers an illuminated touch keypad, with one key for each function.

Finally, the reliability of the product is another great advantage of the New Boston compering to other models in the market. The failure rate is practically zero.

For all the above, the Countermatis new Boston V 3D bill counter is our best selling model, numerous customers enjoy the quality of the product. In order to guarantee the maximum satisfaction to our clients, we have a technical service , with repairs in the workshop or in situ.

Software updates services  for those customers who prefer to ignore the updates or cleaning of the counter. We also offer collection service for all our models.

For additional information you can access through the following link New Boston V3D Bill Counter


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