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The main problem of the point of sale in the trade is still cash management. The main problems are repeated for years. To be able to minimize them, the trade has to invest a significant amount of time and money, and even then, the cost of managing the banknote and the currency can not be minimized.
At the Point of Sale, the main entry of notes and coins occurs.
The clerk / cashier, authenticate, account, keep the cash entry and give the change to the customer. These four steps are always produced in front of the client. At peak times, with a greater number of transactions, the same operations multiply, consequently we run the risk of:

    Do not identify counterfeit bills
    Count erroneously
    Make mistakes in the changes
    Accumulate a large sum of notes in the cash drawer, with the consequent risk of robbery or theft.

The consequences are always the same:

    The boxes do not fit
    We received fake money
    The money disappears

In addition to the aforementioned problems we have to add the cash register at the end of each shift or day and the internal theft of money.
It is estimated that depending on each establishment, losses for this reason can be between 6,000 and 12,000 Euros per year.
To end this loss, Countermatic offers Cashlogy, automates all processes in cash management at the point of sale, without the possibility of access by authorized personnel.
Secure the cash register and optimize the collection process at the end of the day.
Cash counting is automatic, drastically reducing losses caused by internal theft, errors in the change and consequently discrepancies in accounting.
Immediate detection of counterfeit notes and coins, through acceptance devices tested under the framework established by the European Central Bank.
Due to its robust construction, it is a deterrent to external thefts.
Perfect integration with any POS point of sale terminal in the market as well as with any of its peripherals, printer, scanner, screen, etc..convirting it in a single solution, fully integrated in the same space as your current systems.
Cashlogy can be integrated with up to 3 point of sale terminals simultaneously.
Cashlogy can be used by both the operator and the customer, loading coins and notes directly in an easy and intuitive way. Both coins and notes will be recycled for later use in future returns.

    Guarantees the exact return of the change to the client.
    The computation of operations allows the employee to spend more time with the client
    A more hygienic work environment in food environments where the customer can pay directly for their purchases and the employee does not have to touch the money.
    Saving time in the preparation of the cash fund. It allows the entry of different denominations of mixed currency allowing to make preparations of high-speed cash fund without the need to buy cartridges or separate the currency by denomination or value.
    The opening of the system is restricted by keys with two levels of access: for collection and maintenance.
    The collection of notes is done through a transport warehouse with key opening.
    Coins and bills introduced are stored and recycled to dispense changes and reduce the number of refills
    It has pre-empty and pre-filled alarms to guarantee an adequate stock and prevent the service from stopping.


Accepts notes of all denominations from € 5 to € 500
Recycle three banknote denominations to give changes, € 5, € 10 and € 20. It has three containers for these denominations with a total of 75 tickets.
The note collection box holds up to 400 bills, mixing denominations.
Accepts all denominations of euro currency, from 0.01 cent to 2 €.
Recycle the 8 denominations, dispensing any denomination / value to give change.
Currency entry capacity up to 50 hit coins.
Acceptance rate of 3.5 coins per second.
Use of four hoppers for the recycling of currency.
640 x 553 x 358 mm (width x depth x height)
The small dimensions allow to fix the Cashlogy on a counter.
Cashlogy Connector
It allows to connect the Cashlogy with the majority of the POS (terminal point of sale) software of the market
Cashlogy Network
It allows to connect and control Cashlogy from several POS terminals

Cashlogy Tool

Necessary in the installation of the device and in any intervention, it monitors the state of the internal elements and allows testing.

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