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Coin Counter in Madrid

Coin Counter in Madrid
  • Coin Counter in Madrid
  • Coin Counter in Madrid
  • Coin Counter in Madrid
  • Coin Counter in Madrid
  • Coin Counter in Madrid

Coin counters in Madrid. Coin sorters, portable coin counters, totalizers with transport cover.

At Countermatic we offer a wide range of coin counters to meet the different market needs.

Coin Counters & Sorters  for small and medium volumes:

Counting and sorting Machine Counter 800. The machine sorts the 8 different Euro coins in individual coin cups. The Display shows the total value and breaks down the number of coins by denomination.

Medium Duty Coin Sorter
Count & sort the 8 denominations of Euro coins at 270 coins per minute.
Freeing up your valuable time, throw all your coins in the hopper and let the machine count and sort them for you. There is enough room for about 400 coins at a time. You can continue feeding coins while the machine is counting. The display shows the total value counted and report the amount of coins per denomination in its large LED display.

Coin Counter & Sorter Counter 950 has a Bigger Hopper and Coin Drawers. Count & Sorts the 8 denominations of euro coins from 1 cent to €2 Euro. The display shows the total coins per denomination and the amount overall.
The device is a little bigger than others desktop coin counters of the same range. This allows having a hopper with greater capacity, up to 500 coins mixed in different denominations and 8 coin receiving coin cups with a slightly higher capacity. By having somewhat larger coin cups reception, it allows pre-selecting stops with a greater number of coins.

Coin Counter & Sorter Montecarlo:  Coin Counter & Sorter with Printer Connectivity. Shows the total value counted and breaks down value per denomination on it's large LCD Display. Mini thermal printer optional.

Coin Counter & Sorter 6000: Euro Coin Counter & Sorter. Count and sorts 6 denomination of euro coins. Thermal printer & bagging kit available.
Count & Sorts 6 denomination of euro coins at 600 coins per minute
Hopper Capacity: 3000 coins
Individual  Reception coin drawer capacity: 300 coins
Batch Function
Shows the total value and breakdown by euro coin denomination
Automatic stop when an individual reception coin drawer is full
Memorised counting results.

Coin counter & sorter Pelican 309

The Pelican 309 is recommended for companies that process a high volume of coins. It is equipped with an alloy sensor for coin detection. The coin receiving drawers have a capacity of 600 coins. The machine has a dual display and an intuitive keypad. The Pelican 309 has the add and batch functions. The add function means that when more coins are placed in the machine, the value of the previous count is maintained and the value of the new coins is added to the previous count. The batch function consists of stopping the count at a precise point chosen by the user. 

Technical features:

  • RS 232 port for connection to printer.
  • Power supply : 115/230 V 60 Hz/50 Hz.
  • Acoustic level 60 dB (A).
  • Weight: 25 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 705 x 333 x 471 mm.


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