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Coin Counter & Sorter Countermatic 800. How it works ?

Coin Counter & Sorter Countermatic 800. How it works ?
Every euro coin denominations has  has a unique thickness and diameter. Currently there are 8 denominations of euro currency: 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents 20 cents, 50 cents, € 1 and € 2.

Counter 800 coin counter & Sorter use a rotating disk with 8 slots, each with the diameter of each coin denomination. When the coin is introduced into the entrance hopper, it goes directly to the rotating disk, which classifies them in the different coin cups, one for each coin denomination.

For coin counting, Counter 800 uses a double optical sensor for each currency denomination of euro, when falling in the corresponding coin cup, the sensor registers the number of coins and the value of them. Through this process, the accountant accumulates the total value of the count and the number of coins by denomination of the total counted. The machine shows on the screen the total value in euros and the number of coins per denomination.

Useful functions for counting and processing currency. To make stops determined by currency number, the counter has the stop / batch function, you only have to program the number of stops you want for each type or denomination of currency. With this function the machine will stop each time we reach the desired number of previously selected coins.

In order to count and process a large number of coins, the machine allows the use of the add function. When we have it activated, each count we do will add it to the previous one, registering the total value of the different counts and the number of coins counted by denomination.

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