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Articles in "Coin Counter & Sorter machines"

Basic information about coin counting machines, including coin sorters, value coin counters, desktop counters and portable. Machines with bagging and wrapping options . Models of coin counters which allows you to print the rapport. Information that helps you to choose the best coin counter according to your needs. Useful information on how to buy, after-sales service, shipping, guarantees, ...

    The Croatian transition from Croatian Kunas to Euros, in Croatia, is going smoothly. But to increase this fluency, at Countermatic we provide different resources to make this even better, such as coin counters.

  • Pelican 309 coin counter in Belgium
    Hanot Vending in Ranst Belgium have bought the Pelican 309 coin counter to streamline their cash handling process.
  • Coin counter machine for high volume businesses.
    The CT Coin Pelican 309 is a coin counter machine designed to handle a large volume of cash, so it is used in businesses that handle a large number of coins.
  • How to count and sort coins in my business
    In certain businesses where a high volume of currency is moved, a coin sorter machine is needed to keep cash under control. At Countermatic we have the Counter 800 to meet the needs of these businesses. 
  • Coin counter and sorter
    The Pelican 309 counts and sorts 8 euro coin denominations, the coins are placed in a drawer, the machine has a ninth drawer for counterfeit, faulty or foreign coins.
  • The coin sorter Counter 800 new on offer.
    The Counter 800 coin sorter and counter is on offer brand new, but there is also the option to purchase a pre-owned Counter 800 for a lower price. The Counter 800 sorts the coins by value and/or denomination in coin receiving drawers, it also displays the total count value and the partial count values per coin denomination.
  • Where to buy coin sorters machines in Madrid and Barcelona.
    At Countermatic you can buy coin sorting machines in Madrid and Barcelona. The coin sorter machine in question is the Counter 800, which has add and batch functions.
  • Pre-owned coin counter and sorter.
    Second hand coin sorting counting machines. At Countermatic we currently have two models of pre-owned coin counting machines. The Montecarlo coin sorting counter and the Counter 800 coin sorting counter.
  • Do you need a coin counter?
    If you need a coin counter in this article we will show you two models of counters available in Countermatic that can be great to you. The Counter 800 is made to handle small and medium volumes of coins, and the Pelican 309 designed to handle a higher volume of coins.
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