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Coin Sorter Mach 3 for Euro Coins

Coin Sorter Mach 3 for Euro Coins
  • Coin Sorter Mach 3 for Euro Coins
  • Coin Sorter Mach 3 for Euro Coins
  • Coin Sorter Mach 3 for Euro Coins
  • Coin Sorter Mach 3 for Euro Coins
General Features
Mach 3 coin sorting counter is a compact and economical machine that offers efficient coin counting and a capacity to process coins up to 1500 coins per minute. It is a fast and reliable alternative to the counting and classification of manual currency.
The Mach 3 coin counter provides a higher classification speed and a more compact design than any classifying counter of its kind.
It allows reducing the processing time of the currencies, improving the accounting aspects and ensuring the highest degree of accuracy.
Compact size
Using a minimum space, Mach 3 fits perfectly in any work environment. Besides the Mach 3 coin counter, it has a built-in handle that facilitates its transportation.
Ease of use
Thanks to its numeric keypad, it is easy to operate amounts, groups and final totals. An alphanumeric two-line screen displays operational messages.
Mach 3 is equipped with a security feature that allows you to restrict access and vital operational information.
It is really easy to use and maintain since Mach 3 is equipped with a simple and robust mechanism, and has a simplified electronic system.
The coin maker Mach 3 works using the philosophy of rotating discs. Once the coins are placed in the inspection tray and turn them into the hopper, you are arriving to the first rotating disk or Hard Disc, being aligned in a single rail.
Subsequently the currencies are guided to the classification area (second rotating disk). This disc, which varies based on the currency, contains the openings with the appropriate sizes for the different denominations where the coins will be sent to the stock exchanges or stock boxes.
When the currencies leave the classification mechanism they pass through a UV light sensor that allows them to control the counting of them.
Multiple Functionality
In addition to classifying coins in different compartments, the Mach 3 can be classified into bags, thus offering greater versatility.
Technical specifications
Height: 235 mm
Width: 229 mm
Depth: 390 mm
Weight: 7.6 Kg
Range of coin size
Diameter: 15.50 mm to 32.5 mm
Thickness: 1.0mm to 3.0mm
Tolerance: 0.5 mm minimum
Capacity of the inspection tray
Up to 1000 coins of 18 mm
Capacity of the drawer
Up to 500 coins of 18 mm
Processing speed
Up to 1,500 minimum currencies
Separation capacity
Up to 6 different denominations
Packing values
Three packing values ​​to choose by denomination
Security features
Access protection function to protect operational information
Battery backup in case of power cut
Electrical supply
90V-264AC, 80/60 Hz
Coin boxes
Pouch couplers
Dessert pie for use with bags
Magnetic inspection tray
Two RS232 series ports
Remote display
Transport bag


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