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Contadoras de monedas con conexión a PC o Impresora

Contadoras de monedas con conexión a PC o Impresora
  • Contadoras de monedas con conexión a PC o Impresora
  • Contadoras de monedas con conexión a PC o Impresora
  • Contadoras de monedas con conexión a PC o Impresora
Multicurrencies Notes & Coins Counter machines with connection to PC

When you need to connect a coin counter to a computer, it is usually necessary to control the count of several collections that occur during the day. The collection may come either by different Vending machines or from different collectors who make the collection payment when they arrive at the office.

It is laborious to have to count coins each time a dealer arrives, and have to point out the result of the count, also the work can take several hours since the currency entrance is coming gradually and the data is accumulating.

Once all the results have been pointed out on a sheet, you have to enter the computer.
To avoid this arduous process, it is advisable to use a coin counter with a connection to the computer. There are different management software for the Vending that allows you to identify a certain count with a machine or collector, in such a way that at the same time that the accountant of currencies counts and classifies the currencies, it introduces the data in the program.

In Countermatic we have coin counters that allow the connection via USB or RS232 to the computer. In addition, we work hand in hand with the Computer company, which supplies the main management software of the Vending sector.

The counters of coins supplied to companies that in turn have purchased or already had such management software are numerous.

We have different models of coin counters, each one adapted to different needs.

The Mach 3 model coin counter is designed to count average high volumes of coins. Account and rank from 0.05 cents to 2.00 euros. The speed is 1,500 minute coins. You can count by choosing a pre-selection of unemployment, the currencies once counted can go to individual boxes, one for each denomination of currency or to also independent bags according to the denomination of currency. To use the bags, you need to ask for an elevator pedestal and bag adapters.

The Mach 3 model has a USB and RS232 port to connect the computer to the computer. It also allows connection to printer. The printer is optional.

The Mach 6 coin counter. Designed to count high volumes of currencies, it counts and classifies all euro coins from 0.001 cents to 2 euros. Counting speed is 3,000 minute coins. It is one of the fastest meter models on the market, allowing you to count large volumes of currency. You can count by choosing a pre-selection of unemployment, it has up to three levels of memory for the preselection of unemployment by denomination.
The counted currency can go to individual boxes or to bags. For bagging it is necessary to use the Stand and the bag adapters.

Using the keypad of the coin counter, you can introduce other means of payment such as collecting notes and credit cards in order to close the total collection.
Contadora clasificadora modelo Viena 10. Austrian manufacturing this model is designed to count and classify all denominations of euro coins, from 0.001 to 2.00 €.

Count at a speed of 900 coins per minute and detect the fake coin. The capacity of the hopper and the individual boxes for each denomination is 1000 coins.

It consists of a protective battery for memory and results.
Connection to PC or Printer via RS232.

This counter model is designed to count coins in professional environments where "heavy duty" machines are required, very robust and that it is necessary to detect false currency or foreign currency, as it also has a rejection box and a unique detection system of currency

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