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Cash management

Counterfeit note detectors

Counterfeit banknote detectors for Euro, US dollar and other currencies. Suitable for small and big businesses. Quick, efficent and reliable. Portable use. Our Counterfeit Note Detectors  New Chicago series are ready  to authenticate the  new Europa Serie of  banknotes,  including the new €50, €100 and €200 Euro banknotes. In addition, the Software can be updated in case of issuance of new notes by the European Central Bank. We also offer USD and Multicurrency Counterfeit Note Detectors with updated Software to authentify the Superdollar. We deliver to different Countries by UPS.

Please before buying the product select the Power Supply: UK/IE or EU.
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Counterfeit bill detectors

Find your counterfeit detector / counter among our extensive catalog. At Countermatic we offer you the most effective, safe and high-end models on the market to cover all your needs. Counterfeit Euro Detectors, Counterfeit Dollar Detectors or Counterfeit Multi-Currency Detectors. With rechargeable batteries for portable, infrared and banknote counting machines. In our online store you will find the best way to check the authenticity of tickets quickly and safely.

Why do you need a counterfeit detector in your business?

The counterfeit banknote detector is necessary in those retail stores that have significant peaks of public influx. The manufacturers of counterfeit banknotes have spent years improving the quality of counterfeit banknotes.

Every day the samples of counterfeit banknotes that arrive at the Bank of Spain are of better quality. The most counterfeit banknote denominations are € 20 and € 50, followed by the € 100 denomination. The € 20 and € 50 banknotes are the most used in retail purchases, and at times of a significant influx of public in restaurants, bars, terraces, grocery stores, supermarkets, the authentic pins experts in the introduction of Counterfeit tickets take advantage of your opportunity to cash, or rather steal the cashier of the establishment if it appears violence.

Just pay for a coffee with a € 20 ticket to get € 18.50 clean from the box in a clean and silent way. The counterfeit detector is a device that protects the business from so-called silent theft. At Countermatic we have been advising our clients for more than 15 years on how to protect themselves from theft of false ticket entry. We have the best-selling detector in Spain.

Companies like Mediamarkt, Repsol or Leroy Merlin trust our New Chicago counterfeit banknote detector with upgradeable software. If you need advice to acquire a counterfeit detector, you can contact our offices in Madrid or Barcelona where we will assist you personally.
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