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Countermatic New Boston Bankcounters and Value Counters
The series of counter counters with false bill detection New Boston meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Reliability and smoothness in the counting, security in the detection of false banknotes, certified and updatable before the issuance of new euro notes.
The New Boston banknote counters are divided into two:
Note Value & counter New Boston V: it counts Mixed notes showing the total and partial value by denomination.
Note counter New Boston C: Counts the number of notes

Main Features:
Top loading of notes:
 The banknotes are stacked horizontally in the hopper, facilitates counting, allows you to stack a large number of bills at a time up to 300 bills and prevents jams caused by bills in poor condition.
Three counting speeds:
They have three speeds, 800/100/1200 minute tickets.
The speed when counting bills has a great influence on the performance of the machine and the comfort of the user.
When the notes are in very good condition we can choose to count at maximum speed, on the contrary, when the tickets are heavily used, wrinkled etc. The New Boston counters allow to lower the speed of counting up to 800 minute notes, avoiding the stops derived from traffic jams that produce bills in poor condition.
Fake note detection:
Both models of banknote counters, are prepared to work in financial institutions as they pass the test of the Bank of Spain regarding the detection of fake banknotes, therefore they are 100% certified.
The detection of false bill is carried out by means of ultraviolet, infrared, magnetic sensors as well as the presence of the magnetic code and in the case of the New Boston V model the reading thereof.
Software update:
Before the issuance of new banknotes by the European Central Bank:
Each time the European Central Bank issues a new euro bill, the ticket counters software has to be updated to read the new ticket. Once the software is updated, it must be downloaded to the machine, replacing the previous one. In order to download the new software, it can be done in two ways; by connecting the banknote counter to the computer via USB port or inserting an SD card containing the new software.
Counting and detection of currencies other than the euro:
The counters of bills New Boston, count and detect by defect The Euro, The USD, the Pound Sterling and the Swiss Franc. The New Boston V model also counts mixed euro notes showing the total and partial value of the same.
Weight and measurements:
The New Boston bill counters incorporate the same housing and therefore have the same weight and the same dimensions. The weight in both cases is 6.5 Kg and the dimensions of 287x243x248 mm. As much by weight as by dimensions the series New Boston is a perfect machine to count table-top bills.
Countermatic protective cover:
Both models incorporate an easy to install sleeve when the machine is not used to prevent the entry of dust into the sensors.
For more information about the New Boston series ticket counters contact our offices in Madrid or Barcelona
Tel: 917410168/938404609

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