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Far from square, the accounts deviated slightly. Every week a little. But a little here and a little there, they became less than a year, in more or less than 210,000 euros. That was neither more nor less the money that pocketed secretly the manager of a supermarket in Cambrils. The Civil Guard stopped him the day before yesterday for an alleged crime of misappropriation after those responsible for the LIDL supermarket chain opened an internal investigation and denounced his employee. The agents recovered a small part of their booty in the detainee's house: 16,200 euros in cash.

In a studied and discreet way, the person in charge of the establishment -located next to the N-340 as it passed through Cambrils-was withdrawing the money that it appropriated with dissimulation. In this way he acted that everything made think to the people in charge of the chain that was some of the employees of the supermarket who robbed the money and not the own boss, Xavier GLI a man of 43 years and neighbor of Tarragona.

The accounts of the supermarket of Tarragona began to fail in August of the 2006. Already then the people in charge of the company denounced it to the Civil Guard that initiated an investigation that has counted on the collaboration of people in charge of the own chain. And the investigation was prolonged while the money was lacking. The agents calculated that the manager stole 210,000 euros between August 2006 and June of this year. Making an average, the head of the establishment had stolen the not inconsiderable figure of more than 19,000 euros "extra" every month for a year.

After months of discreet investigation, since the alleged robber arranged everything to point as authors to other employees, the arrest occurred the day before yesterday in the afternoon in the establishment that the chain has in the Fortuny district of Reus as reported yesterday the sub-delegation of the Government of Tarragona. The Civil Guard also made a house search in the house of the detainee, where he found 16,200 euros that according to the agents comes from the amount that the detainee was unduly appropriated.

Source: La Vanguardia Newspaper September 6, 2007

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