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False coin

False coin
Citizen Security Councils
Taking into account that anyone can be the victim of a scam, it is very important that you contact the police as soon as you realize that they have tried to cheat you.

For some time now groups of the Chinese mafia have been introducing large amounts of coins from Tailándia into the country and circulating them as if it were a 2 Euro coin. The similarity between both currencies is very large.
The isolated Thai currency looks different but together with other 2 Euro coins it goes unnoticed.
Usually they usually introduce them in their Todo a Cien stores or in their restaurants.
There are thousands of units and they are carried in drums, declaring in the duana that they are scrap metal.
Distrust in these shops when they have to give them a change of 10 or 20 Euros and they do not return any 5 Euros, but they do it with coins.
Normally, when you open the cash drawer to give the change, it only contains coins or large bills. It is very important to check the change in front of whoever gave it to them. But, later, they usually say that they have not given it. If this happens, go outside and call the police.
When the police arrive, he shows them that in the cash drawer they do not have small bills and that they check if there are more coins the same as the Thai ones.
Bear in mind, that with each coin they earn 1.5 euros, since they buy them at 0.48 Euros and as they pass them for a 2 Euros, the scam is insured. You have lost at least 2 Euros.
Before any cash transaction always check the change of both bills and coins not only to return the change correctly, but also to not try to give false notes or fake coins.

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