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Hand sanitizer dispenser mount for office building and bank branches

Hand sanitizer dispenser  mount for office building and bank branches
At Countermatic we are offering a range of hand sanitizer dispenser stations manufactured by Techpole solutions. We offer floor, desktop and wall hand sanitizer mounts. As distributors of Techpole Solutions, a custom manufacturer of all types of retail mounts, we offer customized  hand sanitizer for retail, hospitality, supermarkets,business and financial , hotels, museums, and convention centers, transport and leisure etc..
Most of our hand sanitizer dispenser stations are stainless steel made, providing a low maintenance, corrosion resistant and good looking material.The stainless steel is a material choosen  for easy cleaning and sterilization and therefore it's the ideal choice for a hand sanitizer station.
Notwithstanding, we produce and customized  low cost floor stands made of steel for dispensing gel hidroalcoholic at retailers main entrance. 
In case you need additional information, please contact us at our international office:
Tel. +(34) 93 8497962.



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  • Stand for hydroalcoholic gel dispenser with advertising display.
    Stand for dispensing disinfectant gel, glove tray, with VESA mount for monitor or advertising poster. Stand 1000 mm high. Internal slot for cable protection. Square base for floor installation.
  • New floor stand with an automatic gel dispenser.

    At Countermatic we have a new stand to prevent COVID-19, the 1000 mm high stand has an adjustable tray for gloves or whatever the customer wants. The floor mount also has slots at the ends to protect the wiring if it is necessary.

  • Preventing COVID-19 spreading in office buildings
    The stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser aim is preventing COVID-19 spreading in buildings such as public offices, schools, shopping areas retail stores, and sports premises, where only occasional occupancy by infected people is expected.
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