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How to save your coins.

How to save your coins.

One of the most used solutions for save your coins are the coin packs. The coin packs store the coins by denomination and store between 25 and 50 coins per coin pack, depending on the denomination. Coin packs have the advantage that they are easy to transport and count. Some characteristics of blister packs are

  • Blisters made of 100% highly resistant recycled PET plastic.
  • Highly transparent material, approved colour per coin denomination.
  • Relief indication of the type of coin and the quantity of coins. (Also in Braille).
  • Availability of one more button for fastening.
  • Can be used more than once.
  • They are of the longitudinal type.

An option to store coins more quickly is to save the coins when they come out of the counter, so that the coins are already placed in tubes when they come out and make it easier to place them in the coin packs. This option exists in our Counter 800.

The Counter 800 coin sorter increases counting efficiency by switching from manual to automatic counting. The Counter 800 counts and sorts all 8 coin denominations at a speed of 270 coins per minute. The coin counter counts the total value of the coins placed in the device, it also places the coins in drawers depending on their denomination. Finally it displays the number of coins per denomination and the total value.

Features of the Counter 800:

  • 5-digit display.
  • Counting speed of 270 coins per minute
  • Datch function
  • Hopper capacity of 400 coins
  • Drawer capacity: up to 300 coins.
  • 5 Kg weight.
  • Counter 800 measurements: 335 x 330 x 266 mm.

The machine has a hopper for loading mixed coins without counting. Once the coins have been counted and sorted, the following is displayed: total counted value, number of units counted, counted value per denomination and breakdown by denomination. The coin sorter has an add function that allows coins to be placed in the hopper and the value to be accumulated. Another function is datch one, ideal for sorting or store coins.

The Counter 800 allows tubes to be installed directly to facilitate the preparation of coin packs, the easiest way to count and transport coins.


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