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Main points that you may know about POS mounting solutions

Main points that you may know about POS mounting solutions

If you are interested on POS mounting solutions check this link

POS has been changing supermarkets and restaurants during the time and the last upgrade was ergonomic mountig solutions. This upgrade allow more comfort for the cashier and gives more space.
In Countermatic we can found a large list of different stands for our POS pherifericals:

  • Stand for monitor: In our website we can found different monitor stands, Vesa 75x100,75x75 or 100x100. There's another stand option that is for people who are interested to put two monitors. Furthermore we can found articulated stands that offers more mobility but there are inclined stands without an articulated arm.
  • Stand for printer: Also we can add on the poul another stand for printers that allows to add all kinds of printers that we can find on a POS.
  • Stand for pinpad: Another variant that we can find on our ergonomic mounting solution are the stands for pinpad. This type of stand holds the pinpad with grips and there's a handle, making the movement of the pinpad easier.
  • Stand for keyboard: If we want to have our POS on the next level we offer this stand for keyboards because we will be able to tilt the stand 180º.
  • Stand for displays: Also if we don't want two monitors there's the option of having a display for consumers. Is an smaller screen but the consumer will be able to see how much is he/she going to spend.
You can also choose between different arms for our stands (40mm,80mm,25mm,15mm,35mm...) These types of arms swivel 360º but if we are searching for something longer, there's a arm that at the beggining is 200mm but can arrive to 300mm. And the last option is a 2x180 arm that have more mobility than the others.

One important fact is the inner wiring of the pherifericals. The cable management of the stand starts for 3 holes on the main arm and in each pheriferical arm there's a plastic cover. Also if we want to add more esthetics on the POS, there's te option of choose between three main colors: black, dark grey or silver grey but if these colours don't convince us, you will be able to select another colour.

Finally the base that can we installed on all kinds of surface but it have to we installed with screws that are going to be hidden with a plastic cover.

On Countermatic we are foccus on the excelence of our products and this is why all pieces of the ergonomic mounting solutions are made on the north of Europe which gives quality.

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