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Mayo 2011. Noticias sobre la falsificación de billete

Mayo 2011. Noticias sobre la falsificación de billete
Arrested for carrying several counterfeit bills of 50 euros

Agents of the National Police Force in Castellón detained a 29-year-old woman and neighbor of Castellón as the author of a crime of counterfeiting currency. The arrest took place in the port area of Castellón, when a control mounted in that area stopped this person, who, when asked by the police, delivered a gram of cocaine that he had just acquired. In the subsequent frisk, the agents found him a purse, owned by the detainee, containing several counterfeit 50-euro bills, several of them with the same serial number.

They also found more money (valid) in smaller paper money. According to police sources, the woman acknowledged the falsehood of these, but did not clarify its origin. The policemen in charge of the case try to find out where the money came from, as well as the possible accomplices of the now detained.
Two arrested in fraganti in full sale of 60,000 euros in counterfeit bills and the recipient of the money


   Agents of the National Police have arrested two men in a shopping center in Las Rozas, Madrid, when they were caught 'in the act' in the middle of the sale of 600,000 euros in counterfeit bills, whose addressee has also been arrested in La Estrada (Pontevedra) ).

   At the address of Las Rozas of the alleged seller of 120 notes of 50 euros the agents have also intervened 770,000 euros of legal tender, a simulated revolver and a modified detonator pistol ready to make fire, according to the General Directorate of the Police in a release.

   The alleged seller of the money contacted the past 11th with a woman interested in buying fake notes, to which he sent a sample of the same so that it could check its quality before finalizing the transaction.

   The woman then made a bank transfer in advance for the fake money and agreed with the alleged seller that a third person would meet him in Madrid to collect the tickets. Once this circumstance was known, the agents established a surveillance device around the domicile that the presumed salesman had in that Madrid city.

   As a result, police officers managed to surprise the man in a shopping center in Las Rozas when he handed over 120 fake 500 euro bills to the intermediary sent to collect them, so both were arrested on the spot and the two SUVs in the who attended the appointment were intervened. Also, the final buyer of the money was arrested in La Estrada (Pontevedra).

   The operation involved representatives of GRECO Levante and GRECO Galicia, of the Investigation Brigade of the Bank of Spain, and of the Operative Support Section of the Central UDEF of the General Commissariat of Judicial Police, and of the Narcotics Group of the Commissariat Provincial of Orense

Arrested in Tenerife for the falsification of 50 euro NOTES


   The Civil Guard of the Guía de Isora (Tenerife) has proceeded to the arrest of a man and a woman of 41 and 40 years of age and British nationality as alleged perpetrators of a crime of counterfeiting of currency, as reported by the Benemérita in a press release

   The events occurred in a hotel located in Puerto Santiago, in Santiago del Teide, where police and health workers were required by police and health workers after finding a faint client in a corridor with injuries to his left forearm.

   The man presented an evident state of intoxication and, upon regaining consciousness, responded with a violent and aggressive attitude toward the toilets that attended him, being transferred to a hospital to be cured of the injuries that he himself had produced with a blade.

   In the performance carried out by the Civil Guard were found in the hotel room ten 50-euro bills, as well as half of another ticket of that same amount, which apparently were false, which is why his partner was arrested.

   Hours later, after receiving the discharge by the doctors of the hospital center in which he had been admitted, the man was also arrested for the same acts (alleged responsibility for a crime of counterfeiting of currency).

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