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NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector

NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector
  • NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector
  • NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector
  • NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector
  • NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector
  • NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector
  • NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector
  • NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector
  • NEW CHICAGO US DOLLAR Counterfeit Detector
 Counterfeit detector for US dollars
When we charge in US Dollars we have several added difficulties when we do it in Euros.
In the first place we do not have a knowledge of the tickets as we can have of the euros, this causes that we have more doubts about the authenticity of the tickets. Customers who normally pay for their purchases in dollars are sporadic and upon payment with a fake dollar bill we know we can not claim.
We also have the added difficulty that the bank branch with which we usually work has no means to authenticate dollar bills.
The US dollar is one of the four most counterfeited currencies given the high value of banknotes.
To the aforementioned difficulties, we have to add the one to give the change correctly in euros.
In order to minimize all these difficulties, Countermatic suggests using the automatic counterfeit detector New Chicago model that allows the authentication of up to 5 currencies including the USD and the Euro.
At Countermatic we work together with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing of the United States of America to guarantee our customers that the New Chicago counterfeit detector software is updated to detect the latest counterfeit dollar bills.
The NEW CHICAGO counterfeit detector is faster and quieter. Of reduced dimensions and compact design.
Detects all EURO and USD-US Dollar bills. Optionally, you can download from 4 to 6 more currencies.

The NEW CHICAGO counterfeit detector can be purchased with or without a battery. The models without batteries have to go connected to the network, while the detector with battery has a range of 30h.

Only "updatable" detectors will be able to face the new challenge of having to authenticate the euro notes that will be put into circulation.

The detectors are updated by software and a USB connection cable that connects the detector and the computer.

The NEW CHICAGO UPGRADABLE software is sent by Countermatic via email to each client at the time of the update. The update lasts less than a minute. The USB cable is supplied with the banknote detector.
General characteristics:

     Automatic detection of all EURO and USD bills - American dollar
    Magnetic code
    Magnetic ink
    Dimensions of the ticket
    Transparency of paper
    The ticket can be placed in any position. (4 ticket positions)
    Great speed, 0.2 seconds to check the ticket.
    The detector indicates on the screen by message because it is false.
    It also warns of falsehood by means of an acoustic signal.
    Count the good bills and accumulate the value of the counted bills.
    Automatic currency recognition
    too quiet
    Maintenance: Only by opening the front cover of the detector manually,
    The sensors are accessed allowing easy and quick cleaning.


    DEN: The detector will authenticate the bills showing on the screen the value of the last ticket that has been passed. The detector will not add or show the total value of the bills that have been passed.
    ADD or SUMA function: The detector will authenticate the last bill passed by adding the value thereof to the value of previously authenticated / passed bills.

With the ADD function, the detector will show on the screen the total counted bills and their value
Technical specifications:

    Dimensions: 155 x 137 x 82 mm
    Weight: 0.520 KG
    Signals: Optics and acoustics
    Approved by the EEC
    Warranty: 24 months

The automatic counterfeit detector NEW Chicago decides for itself the validity of the ticket avoiding compromising cashier personnel.
Its great speed and versatility prevent delays in the collection process and provide security

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