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Only "updatable" counterfeit detectors will be able to face the new challenge of having to authenticate the euro notes that will be put into circulation as of 2013.

The NEW CHICAGO UPADATABLE counterfeit detector has been meticulously manufactured, in order to adapt to the forecasts and changes that will be made on the market starting in 2013, the year that the new euro notes will come into circulation with new security measures.

To anticipate these new demands, Countermatic has launched the NEW CHICAGO UPDATE model COUNTERFEIT EURO NOTE DETECTOR.

The detectors are updated by software and a connection cable that connects the detector and the computer. The NEW CHICAGO UPDATE software is sent by Countermatic by email to each client at the time of the update. The update lasts less than a minute. The cable is supplied with the banknote detector.

Only upgradeable detectors will be able to face the new challenge of having to authenticate euro notes that will be put into circulation as of 2013.

The NEW CHICAGO model can be purchased with or without a battery. The models without batteries have to go connected to the network, while the detector with battery has a range of 30h.

The counterfeit detector authenticates banknotes by:

· Infrared

· Magnetic Code

· Magnetic ink

· Note dimensions

The notes can be loaded in any position. (4 note positions)

Great speed, 0.2 seconds per note.

The NEW CHICAGO detector indicates on the screen by a message because it is false

Warns of falsehood by optical and acoustic signal.

The detector counts the good bills and accumulates the value of counted bills.

You can purchase a machine to detect counterfeit notes model NEW CHICAGO  from € 105, consult at Countermatic, both in our Madrid or Barcelona offices.


TLF: +34 917410168/+ 34 938404609

Customer service: info@countermatic.com

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