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News of fake notes

News of fake notes
  • News of fake notes
  • News of fake notes
  • News of fake notes

Four Bulgarian citizens and six Romanians have been arrested in Spain accused of falsifying and distributing fake bills for 403 thousand 570 Euros, the largest volume of illegal currency detected in Europe and which were to be introduced to the market before 48 hours today reported by the police.

According to the source, the investigations began last February when the judicial police detected a significant increase in the number of 200 euros in circulation and concluded that "high quality" counterfeits had spread throughout Europe.

After finding out the identity of several Romanian citizens responsible for introducing fake bills in Spain, the police were able to reach the top of the organization, which printed the tickets in Bulgaria and had just introduced in Spain 400 thousand Euros-almost all tickets 200 Euros hidden in several vehicles' prepared for the purpose.

The arrests occurred on August 23 last.

A spokesman for the police emphasized the high quality of fake bills, printed offset with a perfectly visible hologram and optical inks that varied according to the intensity of the light as legitimate bills, which made them almost undetectable.

Almost no Bank has systems to be able to determine the falsity of these bills, said the spokesman, who explained that as the time passes, the role of these fake bills is losing quality, so it is easier to distinguish them.

They also have intervened 2000 Euros in 500, 50, 20, 100, 200 bills with a lower quality print, as well as 17160 euros of legal course, a foggy gun and three luxury watches valued at 21,000 Euros that were stolen in a jewelery in the south of Spain.

According to the police, the "pins" or those responsible for distributing false tickets of Romanian citizenship acted in tobacconists, grocery stores or pharmacies, and paid for counterfeiters about 70 Euros for each fake 200 euro bill. With the emergence of this type of news, in Countermatic we can do nothing but recommend that you protect your business with COUNTERFEIT DETECTORS


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