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Octubre 2010 . Noticias sobre billetes falsos

Octubre 2010 . Noticias sobre billetes falsos
Two Frenchmen arrested in Malaga with European arrest warrants for money laundering and counterfeiting


   Two people of French nationality, a man of 52 years and a woman of 37, have been arrested in the capital by agents of the National Police of the Commissariat of the Province of Malaga. Both were claimed by their country and had European arrest warrants for various crimes, such as money laundering and forgery.

   The arrested had in force since last October 19 European orders for arrest and delivery for crimes of money laundering in organized gang, abuse of social property, receipt of the crime of abuse of social property committed on a regular basis, forgery and use of documents falsified, with maximum penalty provided for in the Gala legislation of 10 years in prison.

   At the time of their arrests they were intervened a high-end vehicle, as well as 13,000 euros in cash and different documentation, as reported by the National Police in a statement.

   Likewise, by virtue of a French International Rogatory Commission, two domiciliary searches have been carried out in the province of Malaga. In one of the homes the agents have seized a shotgun with superimposed guns and 69 cartridges of the same caliber; a compressed air pistol, 3,000 euros in cash and several legal tender tickets for Central Africa, Morocco, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the Dominican Republic
A man was arrested in Bilbao after paying a drink with a fake bill and trying to rob a woman


   A 41-year-old man, J.M.G., was arrested Friday in Bilbao after paying a drink with a fake bill and trying to steal several items from a lady's bag, according to the Municipal Police.

   The events occurred around four thirty in the afternoon when a unit of the Municipal Police of Bilbao proceeded on Ribera Street to the arrest of J.M.G., 41, accused of an alleged fraud and theft attempt.

   This person had tried the previous day to pay a consummation with a presumably false ticket in an establishment of the aforementioned street. Also, he tried to steal several objects from a lady's bag, being prevented by a worker from the establishment. At the time of the arrest, 15 50-euro notes, presumably false, were seized.

Five arrested in Leon and seized 600 grams of cocaine that one of them carried in the stomach

The 'Operation Evora' is also settled with the apprehension of 960 euros in cash, 500 euros in counterfeit bills and a tourism
   LEÓN, 15 Oct. (EUROPA PRESS) -

Members of the Civil Guard of the Comandancia de León detained five people in León capital as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health in the form of drug trafficking and seized 600 grams of cocaine that was carried in the stomach, almost in completely, one of the detainees.

   Within the framework of the actions carried out by the Civil Guard of León to eradicate or, where appropriate, minimize the consumption and trafficking of drugs in the province, troops from the Comandancia began last May the "Operation Evora", aimed at the location and identification of a group of people who could dedicate themselves to introducing and distributing drugs, mainly cocaine, in the province of León.

   As explained by the Government Sub-delegate in León, Francisco Álvarez, the operative activity developed by the agents allowed identifying and locating several people involved in cocaine trafficking, so on the 13th they decided to start the operation phase of the operation. Evora ', which involved the arrest of five people in León.

   Likewise, a house search was carried out in the home of one of the detainees in which they seized 20 grams of cocaine, one tourist, 960 euros in cash and 500 euros in counterfeit 50 euros notes, in addition to several mobile phones that will be examined by the civil guards in case its content could lead to other criminal offenses.

   The captain of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of León and head of the organized crime and anti-drug team, Juan Antonio Casas, explained that several of the detainees were traveling with narcotics from Madrid to León by public transport.

   On his arrival in the Leon capital on the 13th, the agents of the Benemérita proceeded to arrest him, but no drugs were found in his luggage, so a car was requested for his transfer, in custody, to the Hospital de León and perform radiological tests if illicit substances were carried inside your body.

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