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PIN Pad POS & Dataphones Rotary Stand

PIN Pad POS & Dataphones Rotary Stand
  • PIN Pad POS & Dataphones Rotary Stand
  • PIN Pad POS & Dataphones Rotary Stand
  • PIN Pad POS & Dataphones Rotary Stand
  • PIN Pad POS & Dataphones Rotary Stand
The FLEXIPOLE system is a media solution for payment terminals PIN pad, TPV, Dataphones,
The FLEXIPOLE solution is designed to provide security in the charging process with all point-of-sale terminals or PIN Pad dataphones
The FLEXIPOLE solution consists of a support or pedestal and a base that holds the dataphone, PIN Pad
There is a Base for each brand and model of Dashboard, PIN Pad, which is securely coupled to the pedestal using the unique FLEXIPOLE coupling system.
You can also read a Universal Base, which is used for all POS, Dataphones, PIN Pad of the FLEXIGRIP market. It is an adjustable base for the different sizes of TPV, in the lateral part has adjustable arms or grips that ensure the perfect coupling of any terminal.
There are two FLEXIPOLE systems, regardless of the type of pedestal and base chosen:

The support or pedestal carries a hitch system with the base. The great advantage of the FLEXIPOLE FIRSTBASE system is that the Dataphone or TPV can be easily released to deliver it directly to a customer, for example, in a wheelchair.
The support or pedestal carries a key lock system with the base,
Keeping the payment terminal safe from theft or malicious interference, and keeping the unit firm in its position with a key. This makes it almost impossible for someone to have access to the rear of the terminal or to steal it.
SafeBase can be used with any of our support solutions and is the safest basis for your payment terminal. The keys delivered are unique for each support, unique for each store or can be universal
Both the FLEXIPOLE FIRSTBASE system or SAFEBASE allows all pedestals or brackets to be valid for the different varieties of dataphones, PIN Pad.
There are different models of brackets or pedestals:

The FlexiPole ™ Complete bracket or pedestal is a 15 cm high support, allowing both the seller and the customer a comfortable position to make the payment and enter the PIN. While it is fixed in its position, the Complete allows the FirstBase or the SafeBase to rotate or become inclined to the extent necessary. The Complete is our best selling support.



The FlexiPole ™ Compact stand or pedestal is a small support for countertops that require space savings and need to minimize the height of the POS. With less than half the height of the Complete, the Compact measures 7 cms. It offers all the other advantages of the other FlexiPole ™ media except rotation. Tilt characteristics are present.


The FlexiPole ™ Contour stand or pedestal is a wall support solution specifically designed to interact with our FlexiPole ™ products. The Contour offers an ideal solution for points of sale where a wall is the most convenient place to locate the POS terminal. The advantages of our FlexiPole ™ products are that they can lean, rotate (180 °) with our secure latching mechanism.


The FlexiPole ™ Connect stand or pedestal offers a low cost upgrade for other pre-installed media, including SpacePole®. Switching to our support solution is easy and can be done without changing all previous installation with Connect, which has been designed to easily be inserted into media from other providers.


According to PCI DSS1, vendors must ensure that the point of sale terminal is safe from theft and interference. The customized base of the support prevents access to the back of the terminal and our hinging mechanism of the SAFE BASE model with lock and key and the First Base type latch type lock makes it difficult to steal, handle Payment Terminals, Dataphone or PIN Pad

Single coupling mechanism:

The Flexipole products fit firmly with the Flexipole brackets or pedestals and remain firm until they are released from the back of the bracket. Each model of the dataphone or PIN Pad corresponds to a unique base, except for the universal Flexigrip base that can be used for the different models of dataphones as it fits perfectly to all the different models and brands.

Tilt and rotation action:

The Flexipole supports and bases allow the point of sale terminal to rotate at 330 degrees and incline at 140 degrees in any direction

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