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Plastic Coin Wrappers for Euro Coins

Plastic Coin Wrappers for Euro Coins
  • Plastic Coin Wrappers for Euro Coins
At Countermatic we offer our customers the possibility of buying plastic coin rolls of all denominations of euro coins in 100 rolls packs. Customers can choose the packs by euro coin denomination according to their needs. For example, if a customer has the need to buy more packages of € 1 euro and does not need to buy packages of a specific denomination, he can do so.

On our website, please link euro plastic coin rolls to choose a single denomination euro coin roll, without having to buy a package of 100 units of each denomination of euro coin.

The use of euro plastic coin rolls has many advantages:

They streamline the cash handling process. When the coin roll is full, we know exactly the number of coins and the value inside the roll.
Reduce the storage space of the coin.
Enables an organized transportation for bank deposit or exchange them in nearby shops for banknotes.
Help Float preparation. By facilitating counting and transportation.

Countermatic coin rolls have the following features:

Made of 100% recycled PET 
Highly resistant material.
Great transparency of material.
Color approved by currency denomination.
Identifying color for each euro coin denomination.
Relief indication for each euro coin denomination and coin capacity.
Also in BRAILE.
It has one more clamping button.
It does not deform.
Re- usable. 

Shipping & Delivery:
Countermatic delivers the euro coin rolls to all Euro zone countries by UPS. 

Please contact us for futher information regading the product or price quote per quantities at our International office in Barcelona +34 938497962 or email us at info@countermatic.com


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