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Portable Coin & Note Wallet with adjustable Belt

Portable Coin & Note Wallet with adjustable Belt
  • Portable Coin & Note Wallet with adjustable Belt
  • Portable Coin & Note Wallet with adjustable Belt
  • Portable Coin & Note Wallet with adjustable Belt
This portable wallet is ideal for carrying out on the spot payment transactions quickly and easily. The server controls their cash during their shift without the need to use the main cash register. Every coin is well organized and sorted inside the coin dispenser by value /denomination and It also has 4 compartments for bills/notes. All the cash is perfectly organized and stored by value.
Product Dimension: 2,1cm x 10cm x 7,5cm.
Stores up to 100 EUROS.
This portable wallet also includes a very resistant black ABS plastic coin dispenser with 8 coin tubes: one for every Euro coin currency.
Cash transactions have never been easier and quicker when using this wallet and coin dispenser. The plastic coin dispenser is placed in the last compartment of the wallet so there is no unnecessary loss of time searching for small change and the user can easily give the change to the customer with only one hand. 
This portable wallet and coin dispenser is an ideal tool for bartenders, bus and cabdrivers, sales people, distributors, bingo and casino staff, in bars and restaurants/patios.
It includes an adaptable cloth belt  although the user can use their own belt.
This item is similar to a belt pouch or fanny pack.
This portable belt pouch type wallet with coin dispenser is made of very resistant black colored cloth. The front closure is magnetic which makes it safe and durable.
This item is also availalbe in LEATHER.
In addition, we also have portable printers with cases that adapt themselves to the wallet belt.
Counting and sorting coins is very unpleasant as well as time consuming specially in front of the customers.
Countermatic is pleased to launch  a professional Euro Waiter Purse.
A professional Euro Waiter Purse with special designed coin holder is ideal for cash payment transactions. 
The coin holder is a cartridge supported by loaded spring mechanism for the eight types of euro
coins which help to take out the euro coins  and keep them sorted all the time.

It  stores coins and notes  very easily, so that it help waiters, barmen, drivers saving much time for charges.

It can hold banknotes and coins and can be used for corner shops, restaurants, gas stations, taxi drivers etc.
Coin Dispenser Capacity: It can be store up to 100 euros
2 € 26 52
1 € 24 24
0.50 24 12.5
0.20 27 5.4
0.10 29 2.9
0.05 34 1.7
0.02 34 0.70
0.01 34 0.34
Purse made out of waterproof material
Attached ajustable belt made of the same strong and  waterprof material 
Coin cartridge made of ABS plastic for the 8 euro denomination.
Product Dimensions: 210 x 75 x 100 mm
Weight 0.35kg
Please contact us for further information.

Countermatic offers a secure and  cost effective solution to all retailers and professionals who need to use a portable till.

It allows the user to have all the cash properly organized minimizing possibles mistakes on daily basis.


The portable coin & note holder can be used by Taxi Drivers, Transport Agencies, Restaurants,Terraces, Hotels and many other types of businesses.


Made of a strong and elegant nylon

Plastic with inner spring coin holder

It is round the waist adaptable.


It holds eight different denominations of euro coins and it has four vertical note compartments.

Please ask us if you need this portable till for currencies other than euros.


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