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Products and Solutions for Hospitality

Products and Solutions for Hospitality
At the hospitality, with the entrance of tourism, the scattered and occasional clientele, can give rise to the entrance of false ticket considerably diminishing the benefits of the business.
Due to temporary workers, the internal theft represents a great loss in the business. The external theft also represents an important loss.
A good organization of the cash in cash is basic for the later count of the boxes.
Counting the boxes represents a significant loss of time and therefore of money. Sometimes the boxes when they do not fit should be counted on two occasions.
The payment at the client's desk is increasingly common either by credit card or cash.
Countermatic recommends the following solutions to the aforementioned problems:

False note detector: can be for Euro or other currencies. They can also be manual or automatic.
To prevent the loss of money by theft, Countermatic proposes the use of a stock or additional safety box at the point of sale, allowing the most valuable tickets in the stock to be completely protected until it is withdrawn by the person in charge. The drawer box is left with only the necessary coins and tickets to change, minimizing the risk of theft.
By automating the count of the boxes, we avoid counting errors in addition to reducing the time of the boxes. For this, the use of accountants by weight of currency and ticket is the most useful.
To be able to make the payment in front of the customer, Countermatic recommends using the belt purse, it allows to select  currency and notes immediately.

In the related products tab you will find the solutions we propose. If you need to extend information or personalized attention, you can go to any of our offices in Barcelona or Madrid.
Barcelona: 93 8404609
Madrid: 917410168
email: info@countermatic.com
Fake note detection NEW CHICAGO detector
Effective organization Drawer drawers
Agility when giving change Portable purse / Wall-holder with Belt
Avoiding hurts
Cepos or security boxes in the PdV
Or drawers Drawer hanger vertical opening
I count boxes
counting by weight for notes and coins
Or, currency sorting counter and  note counter

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