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Public Has its Say on Features for Blind

Public Has its Say on Features for Blind
Now that the issue of the current US dollar series is all but complete, attention is beginning to focus on next generation of US currency which, following a court ruling in 2008, must include features that make it more accesible to the visually-impaired and blind.
After extensive research into the different options, the BEP has put forward three proposals- araised tactile feature specific to each denomination, large high contrast numerals and the issue at no cost of currency readers to the visually-impaired community.
In response to the 2008 ruling, the BEP commisioned a comprehensive study to review and analyze the needs of the blind and visually impaired through focus groups, surveys and usability tests. The study examined various methods that might improve access to the currency, undertook a cost impact analysis of possible acommodations on various government and industry sectors, and provided a decition model by which BEP  could evaluate these acommodations
The final report- Study to address Options for Enabling the Blind and Visually Impaired Community to denominate US Currency- was published in July 2009. The report did not, however, make specific recommendations. This is down to the BEP, the Us Tresuary and Federal Bank Reserve, which have considered the report and based their proposals on developing a solution that fully complies with the Court's order and provides people  who are blind and visually impaired meaningful acces to US currency, while also giving appropiatte consideration to the interest of domestic and international users of currency, US business and cash handling  and cash intensive industries`
The proposals have been lodged on the Federal Register and public has 90 days to comment on them.

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