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Second hand bank note counter.

Second hand bank note counter.

The machine has the capacity to count and detect counterfeits of different denominations at the same time. It is a high quality machine and has no problem differentiating between bad banknotes and counterfeits, which is the case with lower quality machines.                                                             

The bank note counter also has an add function and a datch function. The add function consists of counting a banknotes wad once it is finished, the value of these is accumulated and when the next wad is counted it is added to the value of the previous wad. The datch function consists of the counting being stopped automatically when a certain number of banknotes are carried, pre-set by the user.

The counter has 8 detection levels,  8 ways of detecting if a banknote is counterfeit. The 8 detection levels are: UV light, Infrared, Banknote colour, Magnetic thread, Ink, Banknote thickness, Banknote size, 3D.

The stacker has a capacity of 300 banknotes and the machine can perform counting and detection at three different speeds: 850 banknotes per minute, 1200 banknotes per minute and 1500 banknotes per minute. The machine can perform the counting and detection in three different currencies: Euro, Pound Sterling and Swiss Franc.

The machine is upgradeable in case new software is needed. The counting machine can be purchased at Countermatic's offices in Madrid and Barcelona, it can also be sent to any point in Spain.

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