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Septiembre 2011. Noticias sobre billetes falsos

Septiembre 2011. Noticias sobre billetes falsos
Civil Guard surprises an individual when he tried to buy a house in Ceutí with false bills

In this type of scam, the alleged perpetrators propose to their victims to "multiply" legal tender notes by printing blank papers

   The Civil Guard has arrested an individual, 25 years old and from Cameroon, who was surprised when, through the 'scam of the negative' - false billions that he himself manufactured -, he wanted to buy a house in the town of Ceutí, according to sources from the Armed Institute.

   The agents learned about the events in the middle of the month thanks to citizen collaboration, when the alleged perpetrator was interested in a house that was for sale in the aforementioned town.

   The operation of purchase-sale raised suspicions, since the buyer intended to acquire the property paying part of the amount established by cash that he said he was able to "manufacture", presuming that it could be a scam called the "scam" '

   After establishing an investigation device, the agents surprised the alleged fraudster while he was carrying out the illicit activity with the victim, arresting him and seizing all the tools to develop the scam.

   The detainee, who responds to the initials of Z.B., is in an irregular situation in Spain, for which reason he is charged with a crime of misappropriation of civil status when he tries to identify himself with the corresponding documentation to another person. Also, he is presumed author of the crimes of fraud, with antecedents by the commission of criminal acts.

   In the operation, several containers containing chemical components in liquid and powder state were used, used as an alleged developer; an ultraviolet light flashlight; several blank papers, used to create bills; foil; and tinted bills to use as negatives.

   Finally, the detainee, proceedings and effects intervened have been made available to the Court of Instruction number 5 of Molina de Segura.

   In this type of fraud, the presumed authors propose to their victims to "multiply" legal tender notes by printing blank papers. To do this, a chemical process consisting of the introduction of a legal tender between two blank papers of the same size as the ticket is used.

   The impregnation of the paper and banknote bundle with chemical products is then carried out, they are wrapped in aluminum foil and pressed in order to subsequently introduce them in a container containing soap and water or any cleaning product for washing the whole.

   For the process to be successful, cotton or another similar substance is needed for the drying of the papers, which are not carried by the scammers.

   For these reasons and in order to conclude the process, the victim leaves the scene of the events to seek it, which is used to make the change of the set of tinted papers and ticket for legal tender tickets. When you return with the drying material, check that the result of the operation are good bills of legal tender.

   If in the first demonstration the victim has "stung", it remains a second time with the scammers and it gives a large amount of money to carry out the chemical process.

   But this time the alleged perpetrators make the change of the tickets for white papers and tell the victim that the transformation process is slow, finally the scammers leave with the good bills and the victim is left with paper clippings or simply they give him counterfeit bills.
They exchanged money in several hotel establishments in the towns of Sacramenia and Cabezuela, both in Segovia

Mobiles, money and tobacco found by the Civil Guard in the van intercepted.

They bought tobacco with fake 50 euro bills. And they did so up to 13 times, according to the information provided by the Government Sub-delegation.
Members of the Civil Guard of Burgos arrested two people with initials F.R.C, a 36-year-old man, and D.C.J, a 25-year-old man, both neighbors of Almeria, for these events in the town of Moradillo de Roa.
The arrests were made possible after the agents learned that individuals traveling in a van had exchanged fake banknotes in several hotel establishments in the Segovian municipalities of Sacramenia and Cabezuela.

DEVICE. Apparently, the action took place thanks to the surveillance device mounted by the security forces on the roads of the area where the events had taken place and without the two young people arrested having made purchases in the riverside towns, as they could know this newspaper.
In the registration of the van, the agents seized 27 fake 50 euro notes, 13 lots of 45 euros in legal tender notes with a total sum of 585 euros and 13 packages of blond tobacco, which corresponded to 13 purchases made with the counterfeit bills in bars.
The same sources explained, in addition, that one of the detainees claimed to have acquired in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) 40 fake notes of 50 euros to a black man who paid 17 euros each for them.

In Mahon, for its part, the Civil Guard proceeded to the arrest of Juan José O.B., 35, for an alleged crime of forgery of currency to be paid in an establishment with three counterfeit notes of 50 euros.
Saturday, September 03, 2011
Three people arrested for buying with fake tickets in Calasparra

Members of the Local Police of Calasparra with the collaboration of Guardia Civil proceeded last Monday, August 29, 2011, to the arrest of three people of Spanish nationality, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of counterfeiting of currency, for being making purchases with 50 euros fake banknotes in the shops of the town of Calasparra, as reported today in a statement sources from the Department of Police and Public Safety of the City of Calasparra.

The detainees are three men of Spanish nationality, neighbors of Sangonera la Verde, who respond to the initials of J.B.A, P.L.A and F.J.H.M, of 29, 26 and 17 years of age.

For some time there have been neighborhood complaints about the circulation of false good quality bills. This second arrest has been made after a complaint from a dealer in Calasparra who detected one of these tickets.

During the morning of August 29, 2011, agents of the Local Police of Calasparra proceed to the location and registration of the suspects, who were driving the description provided by the aforementioned merchant, seizing fake banknotes and then visiting the susceptible businesses to offer the products carried by the detainees in their vehicle, as well as other existing businesses in the vicinity, recovering 10 fake 50 euro notes that had been introduced successfully due to the quality of the same.

There is also legal tender money from the change received, since they made purchases for a reduced amount to obtain a significant amount of legal tender change. The detainees along with the proceedings were instructed at the disposal of the Court of Guardia de Caravaca de al Cruz.

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