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Vending coin sorters

Vending coin sorters
  • Vending coin sorters
Coin Counters & Sorters for the vending, gaming and amusement  sectors.
At Countermatic we offer several options of coin counters for the vending, gaming and amusement sectors.

If we need to send the information to a computer to control the collection of coins through a management software, Countermatic offers you the range of coin counters and sorters,Mach 3 and Mach 6 of De La Rue.

Both models of Coin Sorters allow counting at high speed, classifying the coins by denomination / value and sending them to individual bags or coin cups for each type of euro coins. Both models of coin counters Mach 3 and Mach 6 of De La Rue Glory are well known in the vending sector internationally as robust, reliable and durable machines.

  The coin counter model Mach 3, is designed to count medium high volumes of coins. Counts from  from 0.05 cents to 2.00 euros. The speed is 1,500 minute coins. You can count by choosing a pre-selection of bagstops, the coins once counted can go to individual coin cups, one for each denomination of currency or to independent bags according to the denomination of currency.

To use the bags it is necessary to order a lifting pedestal and bag adapters.

The Mach 3 model has a USB and RS232 port to connect the device to the computer. It also allows connection to a thermal  printer. The printer is optional.  

The Mach 6 coin counter. Designed to count high volumes of coins, counts and classifies all Euro coins from 0.001 cent to 2 Euros. The counting speed is 3,000 coins per minute.   It is one of the fastest counting models in the market, allowing large volumes of currency to be counted.

You can count by choosing a pre-selection of stops, you have  three levels of memory for the pre-selection of bagstops by denomination. The counted  coins can go to individual coin cups  or bags. To bag the coins,  it is necessary to use the Stand and bag adapters.

Through the keyboard of the coin counter you can enter other means of payment such as the collection of bills and credit cards in order to balance  the total collection.   For more information about Mach 3 and Mach 6 models from  Glory -De La Rue, you can contact us at our offices in Barcelona.

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