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Where Can I buy the right Note Counter

Where Can I buy the right Note Counter
  • Where Can I buy the right Note Counter
  • Where Can I buy the right Note Counter
  • Where Can I buy the right Note Counter
  • Where Can I buy the right Note Counter
  • Where Can I buy the right Note Counter
  • Where Can I buy the right Note Counter
 Where to buy a Note Counter?
At Countermatic you will find a wide range of banknote counters. Depending on the need, you can choose the model that suits you best. We have portable counters and desktops.
You can choose between different models of banknote counters, which count the banknotes by denomination, that is, banknotes always of a single value, showing the number of banknotes counted.
All our banknote counter models detect fake euro banknotes as well as banknotes for their size, to avoid possible errors when counting bundles of single denomination / value notes.
Average counting volumes
The best-selling models of banknote counters are the Counter 200 IV + model. This model stands out for its great simplicity and robustness. This model is designed to work for many years at a very high rate. After spending a lot of time in the market, it is still one of the preferred models for customers.
Numerous new customers call us asking about this model as it is reputed to be a very robust banknote counter.
The Counter Counter 200 IV + counts other currencies other than the Euro, such as the Pound Sterling, as well as African currencies that are normally in very poor condition.
High counting volumes
The other well-sold model is the New Boston C bill counter. This counter is a top-loading counter that allows you to count and detect Euro, Pound Sterling and American Dollar notes as well as detect any fake bills. It is prepared to count a large number of bills at one time and stands out for the smoothness in the count and for not suffering jams when counting notes in poor condition. It has three speeds, which allows to count at low speed, 800 tickets / minute and to be able to count crumpled notes.
This model of accountant is certified by the Bank of Spain in terms of the detection of false bill.
If you want to get the value of all the notes counted, Countermatic, offers a range of notes validating counters. This type of counter allows you to count the mixed bills of different denominations obtaining the total value. In this type of note counters it is not necessary to order the notes by value before placing them.
Within this type of note validating counters, Countermatic offers a very complete range:
Model Thales: Note counter with counterfeit counter bill detection, is for businesses or individuals who count notes that are not in very poor condition. The counter allows you to count large amount of bills. The price is very attractive considering that it is a note validator. Probably the cheapest in the market. It is also updatable to the appearance of new euro notes.
New Boston V / 3D Model: The New Boston V Counterfeit Counter with Counterfeit Note is a high-end counter. It is a desktop counter, used by different financial entities. Count the mixed notes obtaining the total and partial value of them. It allows to count large amount of notes at one time, since it is a top load counter. It has connection to printer or PC. It is designed to count even the notes that are not in good condition.
The software update can be done through the USB port connection or simply by changing the SD card that it incorporates. This new update system is very advantageous for those customers and users who do not have an Internet connection or who are familiar with computers.
The Kepler portable model is a note value with portable lithium battery with counterfeit note detection. With a weight of 1.5 KG is a counter that can be transported easily. The counter comes with a discreet transport case and a lithium battery. It is ideal for counting notes outside and inside the office. The software is the same as the one carried by the New Boston V model, and logically the functions as well.
The update can be done by connecting to a PC or by changing the SD card.
To obtain information about the model that best suits your needs, you can contact Countermatic in any of its offices in Madrid or Barcelona
Customer service: 629126829
Telfs: 917410168/938404609

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