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Where to try a banknote counter

Where to try a banknote counter
  • Where to try a banknote counter
  • Where to try a banknote counter
  • Where to try a banknote counter
  • Where to try a banknote counter
For those customers who have doubts about the model of banknote counter that best suits their needs, they will always have the option to call us and arrange an appointment with a Countermatic specialist to test the banknote counters.

We make our facilities in Madrid and Barcelona available to our clients. We have a showroom and a testing room.

Wide range of banknote counters to cover different needs:

Banknote  counters with ultraviolet note detection:

This type of devices counts the previously selected banknotes by value, showing the number of banknotes counted. Batch & Add function available. The detection by means of ultraviolet sensors does not guarantee 100% in the detection of fakebanknotes, for this reason these counters are used when the origin of the banknotes  is safe, and the main objective is to counting banknotes. We have back loading models for medium volume and front loading for professional volumes.

Banknote counters with 8 fold counterfeit detection:

Banknote counters with 8fold counterfeit detection, have an advanced counterfeit sensors, are designed to count bills whose authenticity is doubtful. They detect 100% any false bill , showing by acoustic and optical signal any false bill. Upon detection of a counterfeit bill the accountant stops the count, to proceed with the withdrawal of the counterfeit bill, always the last one counted.  These models of counters have add & batch function.

We have back loading devices for medium volume and top loading for professional volumes.
We also have counters of different sizes, some of our models with small dimensions and light weight for cash desk or offices with little space.

Value banknote counters:

The Value  counters are those counting machines that allow to count the mixed notes by denomination obtaining the total value in euros,  in addition to the breakdown in number of banknotes by denomination. This type of counter has very advanced fake bill authentication sensors. They are used when a very fast count of the bills is required and we do not have time to pre-sort the banknotes  by denomination. We have rear-load counting machines for medium volumes, top-loading for higher or professional volumes and portable machines with carrying bags.

Banknote sorters, Two pocket machines:

The banknote sorters are value counters  that sort banknotes by denomination. They completely automate the entire process of counting banknotes, they have two output trays, one main and one secondary for banknote sorting. Therefore with seven counts of a bundle we will have all denominations of Euro banknotes sorted, € 5 / € 10 / € 20 / € 50 / € 100 / € 200 / € 500. In addition to obtaining the toatl value , and the number of banknotes by denomination. By means of simple counting mode, any false bill is sent to the rejection tray, without interrupting the counting of the genuine notes.

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