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Banknote Counters and Coin Sorters with Printer

Banknote Counters and Coin Sorters with Printer
  • Banknote Counters and Coin Sorters with Printer
Basic information about banknote counters and coin counters
Bank note counters with counterfeit banknote detection:
Within the banknote counters there are two groups

1. Bank note counter that counts sorted banknotes by denominations :

    This first group  counts number of notes  per denomination / value.
    Can not count mixed notes
    They detect fake notes
    They identify notes  by size. That is to say, when counting a bundle of banknotes of a value (50 euros), a note of lesser value (5/10/20 euros) it's         
    identify by the  machine  and warns through an optical and acustic signal.
    Pre-selection of batches, it is programmed to be able to make a concrete number of note batches 10/20/50/100 etc.
    Cumulative or sumatory function.

Within this group, there are back loading and front loading bank note counters.
The top front loading bank note counters allow you to count more amount of notes and also not to suffer jams.
They are advisable to count damaged or not in perfect condition bank notes.
The back loading bank note counters are designed to count less amount of notes. If the notes are in good conditions, the back load  counters give a good result, but if it is not, it is advisable to use a front loading machine and to count with a lower speed.
2. Value bank Note Counters

    This group of counters perform all the functions of the previous group, but also have the function of counting all the mixed banknotes showing the total value and break down report by denomination

Within the group of value counters we also differentiate between top and back load and portable banknote counters.
Countermatic portable value note  counters have the same software as the desktop value counters but with a lighter weight, a carrying case and lithium battery, which allows you to have power anywhere.

All our models are Certified for the detection of fake euro banknote 

We have counters for counting, valuing and detecting notes of other currencies such as British Pound, USD, Swiss Franc and even currencies of African countries.

All of our Bank Note counters range  allow you to connect to a thermal printer or even to a PC if you have a Cash Management Program.

Coin counters

Within the coin counters there are three groups

1. Coin Counter:

    Counting coins of a single denomination value
    Displays the number of coins counted, not the total value.
    They have a rejection cup for other currencies than those selected.
    Usually the counted currencies fall into a bag.

2. Coin Sorter Counter:

    Counts and sorts mixed currency without prior selection.
    They show the total value and number of coins counted by denomination.
    They have pre-selection of batches by denomination.
    High-end modelswith fake coin detection features

3. Mixed  Coin Counters Machines:

    They count and value the mixed coins
    They do not separate the currency once counted
    They have a rejection cup for foreign or fake coins.

High-end models allow you to connect the coin counter to the computer or to a printer
For further information please contact us

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