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Detenida una familia por fabricar billetes falsos

Detenida una familia por fabricar billetes falsos
They dismantle a counterfeiting center in a villa in Valencia

Efe | Madrid | Valencia Updated Thursday 04/06/09
The National Police has dismantled a production center in the chain of counterfeit euro notes in a villa located in Godelleta (Valencia), in an operation in which counterfeits of more than 185,000 euros have been seized.

According to the General Directorate of the Police and the Civil Guard, inside the villa, of large dimensions and isolated from the rest of the neighbors, there was industrial machinery used to chain up counterfeits and reproduce the security measures of the banknotes.

In the operation, four people have been arrested and copies of € 20 bills already completed for an amount of more than € 185,000 have been intercepted, in addition to having material prepared to produce 10,000 more units that were to be distributed in the Community of Madrid and the Valencian Community.
Nine months after the track

The investigations began nine months ago when the police detected false 20-euro bills in different parts of the Levantine coast.

The agents located to the person in charge of the group that made the falsifications and that was the one in charge of the final impression of the tickets and they found out that only he and his wife knew the location of the center of production, that hid to relatives and even to the rest of members of the band.

Inside the cottage, the agents found the tickets hidden throughout the house in closets or under the beds. Given the large number of counterfeits that occurred, the tickets went through different machines, some with mechanical tapes, which printed, dried and saved.

In addition, during the investigation the Police detected that the falsifications were perfected to try to imitate with greater fidelity the security measures. Among the four detainees, in addition to the head of the organization, is responsible for distribution in Madrid.

Segovia, Valladolid, Salamanca and León among the harmed cities

A family detained for making counterfeit bills

The national police has dismantled a network that was dedicated to creating and distributing fake banknotes, especially 50 euros, which, according to the public, would have introduced around 500,000 fake euro banknotes.

The operation began in Segovia, with the arrest of two people, members of the same family and has been settled with four other detainees in Valencia. All are members of the same family who were responsible for creating fake notes, age them and distribute them in the market.

The operation is the result of the investigations carried out by the Investigation Brigade of the Bank of Spain, the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of Segovia and the Economic Crime Group of the Higher Police Headquarters of Valencia.

The investigation began at the end of last year, when the National Police arrested in Segovia J.G.S., a 61-year-old man, and R.S.C., a 32-year-old woman, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of distribution of false bills. The rest of the arrests were made in Valencia a few days ago. The detainees are J.B.H., a man of 60 years; J.C.G.B, male of 28; J.L.G.B., male of 32; and A.I.G.S., female of 31.

The modus operandi was always the same. To distribute the counterfeit notes, he traveled in a large displacement vehicle throughout the national geography and in each city, chose the establishment 'suitable' to 'place', the tickets, having a predilection for hairdressers and haberdasheries, where there are no devices for checking the authenticity of the tickets. The family group had good practice in counterfeiting and prior to the entry into force of the euro, had already made similar operations with bills of 5,000 pesetas.

The police authorities have discovered their fraudulent distribution in numerous provinces such as Valladolid, Segovia, Salamanca, Leon, Pontevedra, Malaga, Murcia, Badajoz, Granada, Toledo, and, especially, the Valencian Community.

The great activity of the group disjointed has reported high profits, which could be around 500,000 euros, allowing them to maintain a high standard of living, including the recent purchase of a pleasure boat.

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