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How to detect a fake banknote?

How to detect a fake banknote?
  • How to detect a fake banknote?
Every time they make more fake and better quality banknotes. According the information from the European Central Bank, in 2018 the number of counterfeit bills increased by around 4%.  The € 20 and € 50 euro denomination bills, are the most counterfeit. Currently the number of euro banknotes in circulation amounts to more than 22,000 million and its amount exceeds 1.2 billion euros.

Supermarkets and corner shops are the most affected with the circulation of fake bills. The criminal organizations put these bills into circulation through the shops. The purchases of the criminals are of small amounts with banknotes of € 20, € 50 and sometimes with denominations greater than € 100, € 200, € 500. The goal of the criminals is to raise the change of the fake bill.

Countermatic counterfeit detectors, New Chicago model offer all the guarantees to detect all counterfeit bills:

1. It satisfactorily passes the Bank of Spain fake authentication test. 100% secure.
2. It authenticates the bills in 0.2 seconds, in its four positions. Granting speed and security in the cash transactions process.
3. Updated to authenticate the new Euro notes from the Europa series, including the € 50, € 100 and € 200 denominations
4. Acoustic and optical signal when identifies a fake banknotel.
5. Small size and modern design. It would have optional lithium battery.

The counterfeit banknote detector New Chicago has been choosen by the biggest petrol Station company in Spain: Repsol


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