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Julio 2011. Noticias sobre billetes falsos

Julio 2011. Noticias sobre billetes falsos

   Approximately 70% of purchases in shops and establishments are made through cards, a figure that increases in the summer months.

   Therefore, the National Police has disseminated up to 20 tips to avoid being victims of cloners or other fraud linked to credit cards.

   In particular, it is recommended that you immediately sign your card when you receive it, note in it that your ID is requested, memorize your PIN and never write it down with the card or provide it to anyone. It also advises to keep the receipts of the purchase and the receipts of the ATMs, to check periodically the movements of your bank account and if there is any incorrect amount or if there is a strange operation, immediately call the issuing entity of the card.

   The Police also recommend that you have the telephone numbers you should call at hand in case of loss or theft, always check the proof of purchase to verify that the amount is correct and that the box of the total has been completed before authorizing the transaction. , do not lose sight of your card when making a payment, make sure that no one sees how you enter your PIN in a store or cashier, inform if an ATM keeps your card for no apparent reason and do not accept the help of people from outside the entity.

   The National Police also advises citizens to be prudent when making purchases over the Internet, verify that the address in the bar of your browser is the legitimate address of the bank and if you receive an email requesting that please update your data do not answer or Fill out forms of any kind.

   In addition, it recommends keeping your antivirus updated, using original programs and updating the operating system to avoid installing Trojans, worms or spyware.

   The Police indicate that if you receive an email that asks you to enter the different numbers of your credit / debit card or the coordinate card, do not provide them, as banks never request this type of information by e-mail.

   Finally, it is advisable to check the movements of your bank accounts regularly and if you find movements that you do not consent to, contact your bank immediately to stop the payment. If an undue transaction has been made, the financial institution should be asked to change the number of your credit / debit card

   Also this summer the State Security Forces and Bodies and VISA have united to fight against fraud and counterfeit credit cards and have created a guide with practical information so that agents can easily detect a counterfeit card or check possible manipulations for fraudulent purposes at an ATM.

In these brochures, which have been disseminated to all citizen security officers, the cameras or wireless receivers used by the counterfeiting networks are detailed; the panels and devices that are usually installed to copy the data of the cards in ATMs; punching machines or pocket skimmers
The number of counterfeit euro banknotes withdrawn until June is down 18.8%


   In the first half of 2011, a total of 295,553 counterfeit euro banknotes were withdrawn from circulation, representing a decrease of 18.8% compared to the amount recovered in the previous six months, reported the European Central Bank (ECB), who said that the 20 and 50 euros bills are the most falsified.

   Specifically, the ECB indicated that in the last six months, the proportion of counterfeit bills of 20 euros increased, representing 43% of the total, while that of 50 euros decreased to 36% of the total.

   For its part, the 100 euro bill was the third most counterfeit denomination, with 16% of the total, while the proportion of counterfeits of the other denominations (5, 10, 200 and 500 euros) was very small.

   Most of the counterfeit notes withdrawn in the first half of 2011 (98%) were detected in euro area countries, only around 1.5% in non-euro area EU Member States and 0.5% elsewhere in the world.

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