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Noticias Noviembre sobre billetes falsos

Noticias Noviembre sobre billetes falsos
An undetermined number of counterfeit 50 euro notes

Courts.- The Court convicts 4 people to two years in prison for holding false money for distribution
   The Provincial Court has sentenced to two years in prison for every three men of 29, 22 and 19 years, as well as a woman of 20 years, as perpetrators responsible for a crime of illegal possession of counterfeit currency for further distribution, in particular, of an "indeterminate" number of 50-euro bills, while applying a joint fine of 650 euros.
   The facts were discovered when two of the defendants, after making the transaction of the fake money, suffered an accident when leaving the A-7 motorway the car in which they were traveling. Two other passengers died as a result of the incident, and rescue workers found 13 counterfeit 50-euro banknotes next to one of the corpses.
   The facts go back to January 21, 2004, when three of the accused, acting by mutual agreement, went from Novelda (Alicante) to Murcia with the purpose of attending the appointment that one of them had arranged with the fourth accused, who he had to give them an indeterminate number of 50 euro bills that were in his possession, in exchange for a previously agreed price.
   Indeed, the meeting took place in Murcia carrying out the agreed transaction. According to the ruling, consulted by Europa Press, the recipients intended to distribute the fake money.
   Two of them returned to Novelda, but another of them stayed in Murcia, where his residence was fixed, and he was struck by a traffic accident on the A-7 motorway, which consisted of the exit of the road in which he was traveling, with subsequent fall by a drop, having the fatal outcome of the death of two of the occupants and resulting injuries to the remaining passengers.
   During the rescue work, while the agents proceeded to the collection of documentation and other effects scattered in the area close to the incident, along with one of the corpses recovered 13 notes of 50 euros, completely false, as recorded in the events reported by the Public Prosecutor's Office and that are declared proven because they have been expressly recognized by the accused.
   The Public Prosecutor's Office described the proven facts as constituting an offense of possession of counterfeit currency for its subsequent distribution of the one that considered the four defendants, for whom it requested a penalty of two years in prison and a fine of 650 euros, as well as one month of subsidiary personal liability and costs per quarters, in addition to confiscation and destruction of counterfeit money.
   The defendants' defenses adhered to this qualification and the accused gave their agreement with the facts and penalties requested.
   In addition, the Court decreed the confiscation loss and destruction of the counterfeit money intervened and, to all the defendants, the special disqualification for the right of passive suffrage during the time of the conviction and the payment of the costs.

The AEAT will be dedicated in 2011 to pursue the underground economy

Economy / Fiscal.- Treasury collects 8,200 million for fraud control until October, 25% more
Electricity consumption, use of credit cards and movements of more than 3,000 euros, new anti-fraud tools

   Hacienda raised 8,200 million euros during the first ten months of the year for the fight against fraud, which represents an increase of 25% compared to the figure recorded in the same period of 2009, according to the director of the Tax Agency ( AEAT), Juan Manuel López Carbajo.
   These 8,200 million euros already exceed the amount collected in the whole of 2009, which stood at 8,119 million euros. As indicated by López Carbajo, this income is derived, especially, from a greater contribution of inspection work on large taxpayers. In fact, the average debt raised amounts to about 175,000 euros.
   In an informative breakfast organized by the Association of Economic Information Journalists (APIE), López Carbajo pointed out that the direct collection for control actions amounted to 6.9 billion, 22% more, while the collection for the induced effect -regulations voluntary-, was 1,300 million euros, 40% more than in 2009.
Revenues from control actions since 2005 amounted to 43,800 million euros, a figure that the general director of the Tax Agency described as "very respectable", even more so in the current financial circumstances.
   In addition, Lopez Carbajo has assured that the investigations on the circulation of false notes of 500 euros generated an income of 1.060 million euros to the body dependent of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
   Also, the general director of the AEAT has advanced that the monitoring of the 500 euros banknotes is a field of investigation "that still has route" in the view that the debt opened continues to give "good results".
   On the other hand, Lopez Carbajo has highlighted that the cash receipts of the AEAT until September have increased by 13% year-on-year, five percentage points more than initially planned (8%), although it was foreseeable that this pace will moderate in the third quarter in line with the worst performance of the economy.
   At this point, Lopez Carbajo has emphasized that VAT revenues have increased by 50%, compared to 35% foreseen, which has compensated for the falls in Income Tax or Corporate Tax. At this point, he explained that this increase is due to the fall in the amount of the returns, the slowing of the requests for deferment and the improvement in consumption.
   Regarding the fall of the collection by Societies, Lopez Carbajo explained that a large part of the profits of the companies, which are falling due to the situation, come from abroad and do not tax in Spain, although it has also taken advantage of to qualify "quite generous" tax benefits linked to this tax.
   Regarding the open investigation into the accounts in the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC, Lopez Carbajo recalled that practically half of the taxpayers investigated - some 300 people - have already regularized their situation with the treasury, which has allowed to collect some 260 million.
   Another 250 taxpayers either have not regularized or have done so unsatisfactorily and another 100 people have not responded to the request. Said, this has clarified that the process is still under way and "it will not be a matter of two months".

   On the other hand, Lopez Carbajo, who has denied that the improvement of VAT collection is only the result of a greater fight against the shadow economy, has recognized, however, that this will be one of the strong points in the strategy of the fight against fraud for 2011.
  "We must underline the monitoring of the underground economy" and perform "an additional control", stressed the general director of the AEAT, who has advanced that this is expected to perform joint actions with the Labor Inspection and Social Security.
   In addition, it has specified that the monitoring of fraud control will focus on the liberal professions and on investigations in companies, not only in the usual sectors, but "in most of them". "We're going to aim high," he added.
   On the other hand, Lopez Carbajo has noted that the AEAT is already conducting research from new sources of information, such as electricity consumption, the use of credit cards and cash movements of more than 3,000 euros, which will make it possible to New impulse to the fight against fraud in 2011.

Arrested 16 suspects of an Islamist cell in Italy

   At least 16 suspects, including two Italians, have been arrested in Italy on Tuesday in an investigation against an Islamist cell that specialized in the production and trafficking of false identity documents and facilitated clandestine immigration and reception of counterfeit bills.
   Among the detainees in the operation 'Matmata' carried out by carabinieri of the anti-terrorist unit, ROS, include citizens of Algerian, Tunisian and Moroccan nationality, in addition to the two Italians, reports the ADN-Kronos agency. The arrests have taken place in Naples (south), Rome and Milan (north). In addition to the arrests, we have proceeded to a score of records.
   According to the ROS, the terrorist cell had "a network with intercontinental projection". Also, the anti-terrorist unit has stressed that the falsification of documents for illegal entry into the country of immigrants represented "a risk factor for the possibility of infiltration of subversive people."
   The investigation had begun two years ago and today's arrests are the continuation of another blow that a few years ago allowed the discovery of the presence of a Salafist cell in Lombardy and Veneto and the arrest and subsequent conviction of three Algerians for terrorism.
   According to 'La Repubblica', the cell had its operational base in Naples, whose Office of the Prosecutor had coordinated the operation, and among its members there would also be Egyptian and Ghanaian citizens.


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