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Tokens Counter Machine

Tokens Counter Machine
  • Tokens Counter Machine
  • Tokens Counter Machine
  • Tokens Counter Machine
  • Tokens Counter Machine
Do you need to count chips or tokens?
Companies that need to count chips or tokens find it very difficult to automate the counting process and thus expedite the same.
In order to automate the process, it is recommended that the chips have the same diameter and thickness and are made of the same material. If this first premise is fulfilled, the process can be automated using a coin counter that allows counting cards, as is the case with our Kyoto model.
The counters of coins and tokens Kyoto is a machine that thanks to its light weight of just 2 Kg and small dimensions can be transported comfortably to any place. Despite its small size, 17 x 15 x 20 centimeters has high-end coin counting capabilities. Its counting speed is 1,500 tokens per minute. The high counting speed allows large numbers of tokens or tokens to be counted.
The results of the count are shown on the screen or six digit display, allowing to use a small printer that connected to the RS 232 port of the counter, prints a ticket showing the result of each count.
The tokens or tokens, when counted by the machine, are sent to the output tray. Instead of the output tray, bags can be used, in this way, the tokens or chips will be bagged directly.
The chip and coin counter offers the user different functions such as:
Preseleción of stops: This function allows to establish a maximum count number, in such a way, that the user can set the number of tokens of each count or each bag in the case of using them.
Sum function: This function is very useful when the user has a large number of tokens or tokens to count and he wants to obtain the total sum of several counts.
Memory function last count: the counter records the last count as a security measure.
The meter must be connected to the electricity network.
As accessories can be obtained; Protective carrying bag, extra feeding tray, as well as a mini thermal printer to print the results that appear on the screen.
The Kyoto coin counter can be used as a coin counter at the same time without changing anything at all. Counts the mixed coins, obtaining the total value of the count as well as the total in value and in units for each denomination of currency.
For more information you can contact Countermatic, we will expand the information of the Kyoto model as well as other options that can be adjusted to each need

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