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New Counterfeit Detector Countermatic

New Counterfeit Detector Countermatic
  • New Counterfeit Detector Countermatic
  • New Counterfeit Detector Countermatic
  • New Counterfeit Detector Countermatic
Countermatic introduces the new counterfeit detector NEW Chicago in the European market.
It gathers all the advantages of the previous model 3200 to which it replaces and other new ones.

It is valid for the Euro and the British Pound which allows the U.K market to be abashed.

It is updatable through the software that is provided when there is a change in the Euro or the Pound Sterling.

Accepts the note in any position and remain 0.2 seconds to detect what prevents the formation of queues in the boxes.

Determines the device and not the cashier the validity or falsity of the note and by acoustic and visual signal as well as why the note is false.
Counts the good notes and accumulate the value.

It comes in two versions:

1. Standard model with a price of € 105
2. Model with additional rechargeable battery that allows 30 hours of autonomy without being plugged into the network.
    Price: € 118

Both models of detectors are upgradeable to the new issue of notes and are certified as 100% safe in the detection of false notes

The model with battery is very useful for outdoor (lottery sales as the Eleven ..., congresses, events under tent, transactions in fairs, purchase sales operations, street markets, commercial vending, ...

Counterfeit Banknote detector without battery

Counterfeit banknote detector with battery

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